Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner Tonight

We were supposed to get a big snowstorm today, but it's turned into somewhat of a dud. Tonight it has rained quite a bit and it's supposed to turn over to snow, but it's not quite cold enough.
Our dinner tonight wasn't a dud at all though - this is going to become a regular at our house.
I made Your Vegan Mom's Baked Ziti (with penne instead). I hesitated about making this since Abram is allergic to cashews, and I wasn't sure what else to use in place of the cashews, but because it's a fairly small amount I substituted almonds in the cashew ricotta and it worked really well. (I soaked the almonds to remove the skin.) I also used marinara sauce, not tomato sauce. I love this meal because it was so simple, and yet it was so good. The whole family loved it.
I also made roasted cabbage to go with it on the side, which was also very good.


  1. YUM! I'm definitely going to try that...we love lasagna...

    Have a lovely day!

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  3. That all looks wonderful, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the cabbage!