Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Past Week

After having no snow all winter, we finally got dumped on last week. We were awoken last Wednesday morning at 5am by a call from the school district telling us school was canceled for the day. It had rained pretty hard most of Tuesday night, but around 3am the rain turned to snow and came down pretty fast. I was surprised they closed school, but it was also pretty windy. The girls woke up around 7am and came into our room, thinking we'd overslept, and they were ecstatic to find out school was canceled.
Around noon the snow stopped and the kids played outside most of the day. It was a wet, heavy snow, perfect for making snowmen.
playing with neighbor kids
The kids came in soaking wet though. We still have quite a bit of this snow, although today it's 50 degrees, so the snow will be disappearing here fast.
Last Saturday we took all the kids skiing. Mark and the kids all have their own skis that we have bought through a swap program. The girls skied in ski club this year, but Abram and Sara haven't been out this year. And actually, this was Sara's first time ever.
It was pretty chilly when we went, but the kids had so much fun and it was really fun for me to watch. I've never seen any of them ski before because Mark always takes them. Sara loved it, but she's so stubborn and independent. She sees what the older kids can do and tries to keep up. She went up the j-bar a few times with Mark, but then insisted on doing it alone.
She also didn't want him to hold her as she went down the hill. She fell quite a bit and got crabby a lot, but she really enjoyed it and is excited to go again.
We're hoping to go one more time for the year, and I've only skied once in my life (I grew up cross country skiing), but I might join Sara on the bunny hill if we're able to get out again.
that dot on the middle bump in the hill is Rachel
I didn't get the greatest photos because I still don't know how to use my camera (which I got two years ago), especially at night and in poorly lit places. I have some free classes for it, and just haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I really should because all I know how to use now is the auto settings. ugh.
We make green smoothies at least once a day and on leap day Strawesome had a great sale on a set of four glass straws. I've been wanting some of these for a long time, so I finally ordered some (I bought two sets). I just got them in the mail yesterday, and when the kids came home from school I made us all a smoothie. Our current favorite is: kale, green grapes, apple, banana, almonds, ice (I often add vegan rice protein as well). I love these straws and the cleaning brush for them too.
Last night I made this delicious potato soup. It was super quick and easy, and very tasty. I'd like to make it again and add broccoli or cauliflower.


  1. We had snow too...it's all melting now...but it was awesome...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Brings back a lot of memories, loved skiing as a kid. Looks like fun.

    Glass straws are awesome! Glad your family has a set.