Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Private Blog

I've decided to make my blog private, and will do so in the next couple of days. This is something I've been thinking about on and off for some time. Recently I've become more and more interested in cutting back and simplifying our lives and privatizing my blog seems like the next logical step - I don't want to do things and think about them as a blog post, but as they really are. Additionally, I feel like my blog has sort of run its course - I'm not selling anything (nor do I intend to do so), and I've pretty much already posted all of the food and sewing projects that I will ever make. I like that I have a history of all the things I've made and that we've done as a family and it will be fun to look back on it, and I'll continue to blog, but I'm going to make it private so it's more of a journal for our family, not the public.

Thanks for all the encouraging words you offered me and for stopping by to visit my blog! I really appreciate all the support and kindness you gave me.



  1. Dear Tami,

    I'll miss you a lot...but very best wishes...Peace be with you always...



  2. Awww... I will definitely miss your posts! I love reading about your craft projects and kitchen creations! Best wishes :)